Saturday, January 16, 2010

P is for Cute Waiter

M: We went to Palomino, a vaguely fancy place on the upper floor of one of the downtown shopping areas. The place wasn't very exciting, more of a big chain-ish restaurant instead of a bar, but the food was all really good. We got the hot red king crab and artichoke dip ($7.50), the crispy calamari ($6), and the roma tomato and basil brick oven pizza ($5). For drinks, I got the candied apple drop, J got the pomegranate margarita. The drinks are $4, and pretty average.

Not much else exciting to say about the place. We weren't actually paying a whole lot of our attention to our surroundings, mostly discussing all kinds of crazy drama that was happening at the time, ending all this with J writing her phone number on a napkin and leaving it for one particularly cute waiter.

Palomino website:

O is for Truffled

J: I think I remember this one! Ha ha! I bought M yarn for her birthday and for my very kick ass alligator hat. There were five of us at this place, me and M, and our guests M, J, and V. We went to Oliver's Twist in Greenwood. M got the Miss Nancy and I got the Artful Dodger, who knows what else everyone else got, I know the other J drank, but I don't think other M and V did. For food we go the truffled popcorn for $4, which was amazing, really, go eat it. Now. The raosted fingerling potatoes, duck fat, and aioli for $6, which sounds gross because it mentions duck fat, but which is quite good (because of the duck fat). The tomato cappuchino and grilled cheese sandwich for $7, which I liked because grilled cheese always makes me feel like I'm five. And possible something else with meat like the serrano ham, tomato, garlic, and pan friend bread for $6 (although neither M nor I ate any, if we did get it). Also we had dessert! Dessert that I would actually really like to eat right now, it was a s'more! or as Oliver's Twist likes to call it, a griled chocolate-marhmallow brioche sandwich (for $5). It was good.

As I recall all the food was good, but I think that it was a touch expensive for the amount we got and the number of people we had. Although I am not sure. I just remember leaving the restaurant not feeling completely satisfied. I think it was that no one was quite full perhaps, but I am not sure. Yeah, that was it. No one left full, but we did leave with happy taste buds.

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-7 pm, Sun 5 pm-midnight ($2 off select cocktails, $1 off draft beer and wine, $1 off all food).

Oliver's Twist website:

L is for "No I SWEAR we went to this place"

J: There is some disagreement in the ranks. We both agree that for L we went to this place in Pike Place called Lowell's (where we only had drinks and then walked to Contour for food) which I just learned has FREE happy hour food. What the hell? We weren't aware of the free food, there was nothing saying there was free food, and our waitress/bargirl didn't tell us about it. I feel cheated and I'm pissed (although really want to go there for breakfast, the french toast looks good on their web site). But still! I don't remember the drinks, but I do remember almost walking out without paying because the service was so god damn slow. There were not enough of us at the bar (4) for it to take the 20ish minutes it took the bargirl to take my money. It was ridiculous. I don't think I tipped her well, and she definitely didn't deserve it. First for being slow and second for neglecting to offer us the FREE food we were supposed to be eating. The jerk.

Anyways, I am also pretty sure that I did not hallucinate a trip to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley happy hour. However, M contests we ever went. Since the happy hour menu isn't listed on the web site I cannot bring up things we may have eaten as evidence. But I know we went. The service was super slow (L is not a speedy letter) and there was a woman there who tried to eat in the bar with her two young children. But she got asked to leave. After a while. Anyways, I will figure out what we ate and convince M that we ate there. I know they have mac and cheese bites, which sound ok, but I have a tummy ache right now so fried cheese balls don't sound that appetizing.

M: WTF. I remember nothing of this place. I'm so confused.

Lowell's website:

Happy Hour: Monday through Friday 4 to 7

Lucky Strike Lounge website (because we DID go there):

Happy Hour: Daily 4-7 pm ($3 drafts, $4 house wines, $4 well specials, half off pizza), Sun-Thurs 10 pm-midnight (food and drink specials).

N is for Ginormous

M: We went to Noc Noc. A goth bar? Sorta? It had some neat creepy decorations. Although apparently every Tuesday is 80's night. There were GINORMOUS plates of food. We had a guest with us, ordered the crab cakes ($3), spinach & artichoke dip ($4), garlic french fries ($3), and the nachos ($7). And barely put a dent in it all. Seriously, the one plate of nachos would probably have been enough for all three of us. The food wasn't fantastic, but it was good and at a nice price.

I don't remember the exact drinks, but I think mine was something with blueberry, and they were also large and all quite good.

Noc Noc website:

K is for Real Juice

M: We went to Kai's, in the U-District. This was a looooong time ago so I don't remember it all so well. We are slackers when it comes to keeping this blog updated. But luckily, I have a receipt! So I can tell you some of what we ordered.

I do remember that this place was really, really good. Talking about it right now, we both want to go back there again. It was packed full of people and we barely managed to find a place at the bar. The most memorable thing about it was the juice in the drinks was freshly squeezed. Good stuff.

We got the fish and chips, chicken strips, pot stickers, mac and cheese, and the calamari. We had a guest along, so it wasn't just the two of us completely pigging out on everything. We also ordered a sex on the beach, a hennessy beautiful, and the chocolate martini (which was excellent).

Kai's Bistro & Lounge website:

J is for Dog

J: For J we went to Jabu's Pub in Queen Anne. It wasn't all that exciting. M and I went with guests V and M. It was in the bottom of a house that at the moment I remember as a pink color and there was a dog wandering around inside. I don't think I drank anything because I might have had a cold and M and guest M drank rum and cokes. We may have eaten french fries and cheese ball things. There was typical bar food on the menu, but I can't remember, and honestly I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend walking on the street in either direction until one came upon something more exciting. Apparently a lot of people like it as a local hang out place, and I'm sure it was great for that, but otherwise, nothing special. It was decent bar food, but nothing one needs to drive to. Although we did like that there was a dog running around the bar. We got to pet it.

M: Boring. All I remember is the dog. Yay dog!

Happy Hour: Daily 4:30-6:30 pm ($3 wells, $4 wine, beer specials)

Jabu's Pub website:

F is for Leaf Burritos

M: We went to Fu Kun Wu, the bar at Thaiku Thai restaurant in Ballard. The place has a really cool atmosphere, but the food... kind of strange. The fried tofu was good but plain, the giow tawt (deep fried crab and cream cheese won ton) was excellent and we ended up getting two plates of it. But the memorable thing was the mieng kahm, described by them as "toasted coconut, lime wedges, peanuts, ginger, red onion, Thai chili, bai cha plu leaves, and palm sugar sauce, served on an antique teakwood platter. Make your own wraps" and described by me as "make your own weird, kinda gross leaf burrito thingies". Everything on that plate tasted very strong, nothing tasted particularly good, and when wrapped together in a big leaf, it was just weird and vaguely unpleasant to eat.

I don't remember the exact drinks we had, only that they were definitely not the standard sort of things you'd see on a happy hour menu. I believe they were described as "herbal elixirs", and claimed to have various strange health benefits. One apparently has a mild hallucinogen in it, which we did not order- my brain is exciting enough as it is, thank you very much.

The plates were small and we were still hungry afterwards. Luckily this restaurant is within walking distance of Cupcake Royale, so we all ran over and got cupcakes. Yay!

J: The weird leaf wrappy things were gross, there wasn't enough on the tray to make a decent wrap of any sort and they were small. Yes, it is happy hour so nothing is expected to be big, but it should be big enough to eat, and not be boring. Eating a leaf with peanuts and a sauce is boring. Crab and cream cheese fried in a ball is delicous, so that was good. Someday I will take notes about what we eat and what we drink, because the website doesn't list drinks. I also went on a date to this place one and whatever I ate (I think it was the Pahd Kee Mao) and it was good (the food, not so much the date). So it is good for happy hour and dinner! Score!

Fu Kun Wu website:

Thaiku website:

Cupcake Royale: