Sunday, January 4, 2009

67 is for Cyborg Trees

M: We went to the 67 Lounge at the Edgewater Hotel and oh man, it was weird. It's worth going here just to see the decorations. Plaid carpets, glowy things, antlers everywhere, a wall of TVs alternating between video of Washington state scenery and psychedelic pole dancers? Also, I shit you not, CYBORG TREES. I could not get over the decorations. The place was like a bizarre hunting lodge randomly placed on the Seattle waterfront.

The food wasn't bad. This place was our introduction to truffle fries, which are awesome. We also had the yellow-fin tuna tacos, which were okay, but small and a little bland.

I had the Homemade Pineapple Infusion Martini. It was good, although I managed to cleverly drop my piece of pineapple on the floor.

J: Yeah, the weirdest decorations I have ever seen. Looks like a robot and a hunting lodge got into a fight. And no one won, they just collapsed on each other and turned into a freaky hotel bar. Truffle fries were excellent and tacos ok, but too tiny. My Pomegranate Martini was good but I, like everyone else, loves pomegranate right now. The people there seem to mostly be staying at the hotel, as it is kinda out of the way for anyone else. Mostly on the more highend side, but it is a waterfront hotel. It took us probably 15-20 minutes to walk there from the convention center, and we walk quickly. If you go, as you should because you just need to see this place, go for the fries and to be super confused by your surroundings.

The happy hour is Sunday-Thursday, from 3-6pm. $5 appetizers, $6 signature drinks.

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