Saturday, January 16, 2010

K is for Real Juice

M: We went to Kai's, in the U-District. This was a looooong time ago so I don't remember it all so well. We are slackers when it comes to keeping this blog updated. But luckily, I have a receipt! So I can tell you some of what we ordered.

I do remember that this place was really, really good. Talking about it right now, we both want to go back there again. It was packed full of people and we barely managed to find a place at the bar. The most memorable thing about it was the juice in the drinks was freshly squeezed. Good stuff.

We got the fish and chips, chicken strips, pot stickers, mac and cheese, and the calamari. We had a guest along, so it wasn't just the two of us completely pigging out on everything. We also ordered a sex on the beach, a hennessy beautiful, and the chocolate martini (which was excellent).

Kai's Bistro & Lounge website:

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