Sunday, January 4, 2009

A is for Love

J: A is for Amore. This little bar we finally found that is under the monorail tracks (kinda, I mean nothing is directly under them). It's very themed, has a garden outside and is rather greek on the inside, but very cute and homey. Asked at the door about happy hour, because you just have to or you end up with dinner. We ate at the bar and the barman was very nice. Not too crowded and it seemed like there were a lot of regulars, which was cool. We had some mango drink, which was very tasty, but for the life of me can't remember what it was called, we just heard the word 'mango' and were sold (M: Found it on the menu! The Amore Mango Cosmo). M had bruschetta, I had some steak skewer things, which sadly weren't as good as I had hoped, and we shared calamari, because we love calamari.

M: This place was really cute. I liked it. Good food, good drinks, nice atmosphere. The calamari was all rings and no tentacles. I don't mind eating tentacles, but J does, so I thought I'd make note of this. If you're afraid of eating squid-looking things but like calamari, this place is for you.

Happy hour is from 4-7pm and 10-12pm everyday. Food ranges from $2-$8 and drinks start at $3.

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