Saturday, January 16, 2010

J is for Dog

J: For J we went to Jabu's Pub in Queen Anne. It wasn't all that exciting. M and I went with guests V and M. It was in the bottom of a house that at the moment I remember as a pink color and there was a dog wandering around inside. I don't think I drank anything because I might have had a cold and M and guest M drank rum and cokes. We may have eaten french fries and cheese ball things. There was typical bar food on the menu, but I can't remember, and honestly I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend walking on the street in either direction until one came upon something more exciting. Apparently a lot of people like it as a local hang out place, and I'm sure it was great for that, but otherwise, nothing special. It was decent bar food, but nothing one needs to drive to. Although we did like that there was a dog running around the bar. We got to pet it.

M: Boring. All I remember is the dog. Yay dog!

Happy Hour: Daily 4:30-6:30 pm ($3 wells, $4 wine, beer specials)

Jabu's Pub website:

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