Sunday, March 15, 2009

C is for Fantastic

J: For C we went to this great place in Pioneer Square (or at least on the edge of it) called Contour. I had been there once before and gotten completely stuffed, but it was M's first time. Great place, strange interior. They had people sculptures above the bar, which are accessorized to the current season, and lots of body images everywhere. The food is great and you get cheap well drinks. What we ate that day I couldn't tell you, but I do know what we have consumed overall. I've had the provolone cheese burger (1.95), the rosemary chicken strips (2.95), the buffalo hot wings (2.95), the fries (1.95), the Gruyere mac and cheese (3.95), the pumpkin ravioli (4.95), the calamari (3.95), the spanakopita (2.95), and the grilled ham and cheese (which is not on their web site, but is quite good). My favorites are the chicken strips, the fries, the grilled cheese, and the calamari. It's good super cheap food and it's hard to only order what you can eat. I always go, and we definitely did this the first time, and order too much because it all sounds good, and when you know it's good, it's even harder. The first time we had well drinks at 3.75 a drink. They also have good specialty drinks, but I'd have to look at them menu. I know we got some strawberry basil thing once, which was strange, it was good, but basil in a drink makes it a little odd. We've been back a couple times, so I highly recommend it.

M: Yeah, this place is the best. Good food and drinks, cheap, nice atmosphere, definitely my favorite of the places we've been to and we keep on coming back.

Happy Hours: Mon-Fri 3-8 pm and Sat-Sun 2-8 pm ($3.75 wells, $3-4 drafts, discounted appetizers)

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