Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two Girls Walked into a Bar

So one day two girls walked into a bar and ended up eating dinner. Had they gone to the bar for dinner? No. They had gone for happy hour. Yet, they had dinner. How did this happen you may ask? Well it happened because they were unaware of the workings of happy hour. That in order to get the happy hour menu you must ask for it. They did not realize how complicated happy hour is. Although they had a very good dinner it was not what they wanted, and it was quite expensive. Now they were bound and determined to do happy hour right and return to the place of their original failure when they had learned happy hours inner workings. How was this to be done? Well the internet is a great place and the Seattle newspaper the Stranger has this wonderful list of place to eat and drink in alphabetical order online, so that is where these two girls started. Their goal now was to go to one happy hour from a bar/restaurant from every letter of the alphabet (and one number) and then return to TASTE the restaurant/bar at the Seattle Art Museum, which was the place of their original defeat.

M: I sorta wanted to go out and wrestle bears as training, but J talked me out of it. Her idea is probably better. More good food and drinks!

The food at the restaurant cost a billion dollars for one tiny plate of mysterious pasta thing with crunchy carrots. It was good, just not what we came there for.

J: And they were out of the flavored lemonade that we wanted. And we didn't have drinks. That happy hour was such a disaster. Expensive food and no alcohol, taught us a lesson. We had the gemelli and cheese with dungeness crab: watercress, truffle, crispy carrots.

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