Thursday, September 3, 2009

I is for Free

J: That's right kids, we didn't believe it, but you should. As if everyone hasn't talked about it enough this year, Il Fornaio is the place to go for free food. It may not be the best food, but it's free and really, who's going to argue with that? There were three of us tonight and we each got a specialty cocktail. I got a Tuscan Lemonade, M got a Mango Mojito, and GM got a Iced Macchiato. Each was good, but not worth the $10 we paid for them. Yes we got free food, but still, if you pay 10 bucks for a drink it takes away from the excietment of free food. The food was a weird mix of things all served buffet style on a table. There was a penne pasta with pesto, bite sized pizza squares that were cheese and pepperoni, toasted bread and some meat/seafood/veggie mix (we couldn't figure out what was on it) and chicken drumsticks. I was suprised by how moist the chicken was considering it had been sitting in a metal food container on a table for who knows how long. There was also salty, cheesy, super thin bread sticks, they were tasty. M and I had tried to go here before (when we didn't know the food was free) and got freaked out by their prices, so we were glad to go back and find that it was pretty good. However I would suggest that you order wine or beer as it is much cheaper ($4). You'll never know what you are going to get, but that can be fun.

Happy Hour from 4:30 to 6:30 Monday through Friday.

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