Wednesday, April 22, 2009

G is for funny national chain stores

M: Gordon Biersch! Good for when you are looking for a very generic bar. Lots and lots of drinks on the menu, not anything super special. Not a huge happy hour food menu, but decent stuff. First time we went there, we ordered the garlic fries, cheese mini pizza, crispy artichoke hearts, and I think J got something with meat in it but I forget what (all $5). It was all pretty good. Convenient location on the upper floor of the Pacific Place mall, right in the middle of downtown. So convenient, we were like "Hey, we want to go to a normal bar" and went there a second time later on. Ate the same food too, minus the meat thing.

They have a little outside patio thingy that you can sit in. But since it's in a mall, it's not actually outside. It just pretends to be.

Dang, I have nothing exciting to say about this place. It is a very generic bar. It is good. Nothing more to add.

J: Good place if you don't know where else to go and if you want to watch people wait in line for a movie, or pretend you are outside when you are not. The food/drinks/prices are all decent, but it's a chain place and not that exciting, but not terrible. granted there is a wide range of food and drink, which is a plus.

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