Saturday, January 16, 2010

L is for "No I SWEAR we went to this place"

J: There is some disagreement in the ranks. We both agree that for L we went to this place in Pike Place called Lowell's (where we only had drinks and then walked to Contour for food) which I just learned has FREE happy hour food. What the hell? We weren't aware of the free food, there was nothing saying there was free food, and our waitress/bargirl didn't tell us about it. I feel cheated and I'm pissed (although really want to go there for breakfast, the french toast looks good on their web site). But still! I don't remember the drinks, but I do remember almost walking out without paying because the service was so god damn slow. There were not enough of us at the bar (4) for it to take the 20ish minutes it took the bargirl to take my money. It was ridiculous. I don't think I tipped her well, and she definitely didn't deserve it. First for being slow and second for neglecting to offer us the FREE food we were supposed to be eating. The jerk.

Anyways, I am also pretty sure that I did not hallucinate a trip to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley happy hour. However, M contests we ever went. Since the happy hour menu isn't listed on the web site I cannot bring up things we may have eaten as evidence. But I know we went. The service was super slow (L is not a speedy letter) and there was a woman there who tried to eat in the bar with her two young children. But she got asked to leave. After a while. Anyways, I will figure out what we ate and convince M that we ate there. I know they have mac and cheese bites, which sound ok, but I have a tummy ache right now so fried cheese balls don't sound that appetizing.

M: WTF. I remember nothing of this place. I'm so confused.

Lowell's website:

Happy Hour: Monday through Friday 4 to 7

Lucky Strike Lounge website (because we DID go there):

Happy Hour: Daily 4-7 pm ($3 drafts, $4 house wines, $4 well specials, half off pizza), Sun-Thurs 10 pm-midnight (food and drink specials).

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