Tuesday, March 17, 2009

S stands for Alligator Print

J: Tonight was a place called Sazerac in the Hotel Monaco. Super cheap, super good. You enter through the hotel and the restaurant is off to the left. The bar area is slightly raised and you can sit where they prep food and make pizza or where they make drink, as well as at the scattered tables surrounding the two. We sat at a thin rectangle table surrounded by four squared red alligaotr print low to the ground chairs. It was like someone took small footrests and used them as chairs because they had run out of real ones. The menus were this deep orange color of alligator skin and M thought they were table decorations. Poor thing, her hunger was making her a touch slow. (Sorry M, but table decorations? really?) Anyways, in the main dining area there were these 5(ish. I didn't count) giant lights, probably should be called chandeliers due to their size that were made of rectangles of this plasticy material that had been warped into organic shapes in a range of purples, oranges and red. I didn't really like them, they were very long and odd. Over the bar there were these great lights. Long, thin bulbs surrounded by solid colored glass. And there were mini chandliers by the tables next to the windows. On to the food. Which is the important part. We had some crazy thing with squash because M is in love with the whole gourd family, but it was good. Then we had these funny truffle potato cheese balls and their white pizza. All for 2 dollars a piece! It's amazing! M had a lemon drop and I had a margarita each for 5. They also have specialty coctails for 5, but I am not a big whiskey fan. It's a great place, most of the food is 2 dollars and they give you a reasonable amount.


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