Thursday, September 3, 2009

E is for Hoodwinked

J: As this was the 5th/6th place we went to we felt as though we had learned some things (like to check out the menu before hand) and were ready to go. So when we decided to go to the Elysian we looked at their website and their menu before we left and were looking forward to what sounded like some good happy hour food. We were deceived. When we got to the Elysian we took a seat and were given menus. Then we promptly found out there was no happy hour food at this location. Seriously. We had already picked drinks and were somewhat attached so we decided to order and consider our food options. Too bad nothing sounded all that good. This was the restaurant that taught us how to leave if you don’t want the food after you’ve had a look over the menu. Granted we got out drinks and drank them, but then decided to leave. M had something that tasted like pumpkin pie and I had some apple thing, both cost about $8. The drinks were pretty good and quite strong considering our lack of food, our low tolerance, and their strength. We ended up wandering down Capitol Hill and getting Thai food (after ranting a lot about being hoodwinked), which wasn’t happy hour either, but it was good and wasn’t looked into under false pretenses. Lesson learned here is to pay very close attention to the web site and if there are multiple locations be very careful about where you think you’re going. And to restaurant owners out there to be less confusing.

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