Wednesday, April 22, 2009

T is for glowy drinks

M: We went to Thoa's (according to the internet, pronounced "twahz"). It was a sunny day out and our seats were right in a window, so it was nice and warm and felt like summer for a little while. We got the curry puffs ($3), yam fries ($5), and the crab dip ($6). J wasn't super thrilled about the curry puffs, but I liked them, and everything else was quite good. Drinks were... I forget what they were called, but I do remember that they were SUPER BRIGHT AND GLOWY AND HAD TINY PLASTIC MERMAIDS IN THEM. THEY WERE COLOR COORDINATED. We liked them.

Okay, after looking them up on the internet: I had the Tiki Punch, J had the Lala Pop. They were large, and good, but mostly I remember them for being SUPER GLOWY.

We also got dessert- the Cassava Cake ($6). When we first got it, we were a little weirded out by the confetti-looking things on it, and it's definitely not a normal cake, but once we got used to it, we thought it was really good. I would definitely recommend it.

J: So we each wrote separate posts and didn't combine them, so I am just adding mine on to M's. For I we went to this place I though was called the Islander, but it's not, it's called Thoa's. It's Vietnamese (it used to be Hawaiian) and having an identity crisis. The web site says you can see the water, but you can't. Ok, you can, but only over the top of the building that is really what your view is of. However, the food and drinks are good. To drink M had a Tiki Punch and I had a Lala Pop, both for $5.75, both were enjoyable and fruity and brightly colored and came with little plastic mermaids on the sides of the glasses. To eat we had Curry Bites for $3 with sweet and sour pineapple sauce and Yam Fries with Sriracha Aioli for $5, and yam fries are really good. They are sweet and salty and fantastic, I highly suggest it. They had dessert! Excellent! We had the Cassava Cake, which comes with ice cream and and mango syrup. Very spongy texture, that dissolves in your mouth, it was strange, but it was good, I would eat it again. Nothing too remarkable, but a good range of food and we got to try some new things, definitely go for the mermaids and the dessert.

Thoa's Happy Hour Monday through Friday and Sunday 4-7 PM. food from $3 to $6. Beer $3 for a glass $12 for a pitcher. Top Shelf Cocktails $5.75, well drinks $4.00. Wine $3.50 a glass and $12.00 a bottle. Sake $4.50.

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