Saturday, January 16, 2010

F is for Leaf Burritos

M: We went to Fu Kun Wu, the bar at Thaiku Thai restaurant in Ballard. The place has a really cool atmosphere, but the food... kind of strange. The fried tofu was good but plain, the giow tawt (deep fried crab and cream cheese won ton) was excellent and we ended up getting two plates of it. But the memorable thing was the mieng kahm, described by them as "toasted coconut, lime wedges, peanuts, ginger, red onion, Thai chili, bai cha plu leaves, and palm sugar sauce, served on an antique teakwood platter. Make your own wraps" and described by me as "make your own weird, kinda gross leaf burrito thingies". Everything on that plate tasted very strong, nothing tasted particularly good, and when wrapped together in a big leaf, it was just weird and vaguely unpleasant to eat.

I don't remember the exact drinks we had, only that they were definitely not the standard sort of things you'd see on a happy hour menu. I believe they were described as "herbal elixirs", and claimed to have various strange health benefits. One apparently has a mild hallucinogen in it, which we did not order- my brain is exciting enough as it is, thank you very much.

The plates were small and we were still hungry afterwards. Luckily this restaurant is within walking distance of Cupcake Royale, so we all ran over and got cupcakes. Yay!

J: The weird leaf wrappy things were gross, there wasn't enough on the tray to make a decent wrap of any sort and they were small. Yes, it is happy hour so nothing is expected to be big, but it should be big enough to eat, and not be boring. Eating a leaf with peanuts and a sauce is boring. Crab and cream cheese fried in a ball is delicous, so that was good. Someday I will take notes about what we eat and what we drink, because the website doesn't list drinks. I also went on a date to this place one and whatever I ate (I think it was the Pahd Kee Mao) and it was good (the food, not so much the date). So it is good for happy hour and dinner! Score!

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