Saturday, January 16, 2010

P is for Cute Waiter

M: We went to Palomino, a vaguely fancy place on the upper floor of one of the downtown shopping areas. The place wasn't very exciting, more of a big chain-ish restaurant instead of a bar, but the food was all really good. We got the hot red king crab and artichoke dip ($7.50), the crispy calamari ($6), and the roma tomato and basil brick oven pizza ($5). For drinks, I got the candied apple drop, J got the pomegranate margarita. The drinks are $4, and pretty average.

Not much else exciting to say about the place. We weren't actually paying a whole lot of our attention to our surroundings, mostly discussing all kinds of crazy drama that was happening at the time, ending all this with J writing her phone number on a napkin and leaving it for one particularly cute waiter.

Palomino website:


BlkDragon96 said...

Can I come to the next one :D?

BlkDragon96 said...

and: (206) 257-8948