Thursday, September 3, 2009

B is (also) for Smoked Ham Strips

J: When we originally did the letter B (Boka) there was a restaurant conveniently located across the street was what had been our other option that night, which was a place called The Bookstore. It sounded good, a place full of books that had drink and food specials, so we had to check it out. Sadly it’s happy hour ended at the same time as Boka’s so we had to return at a later date. We did manage it and were not impressed. First off everything on the menu had bacon in it. Including things that aren’t actually made better by bacon, just inedible by vegetarians. Or at least enough of the things had bacon that that is the one thing we remember about it. Now I like bacon, but M is vegetarian, so it’s a no go on the bacon when we go out. Thus we had to ask for our blue cheese fries to have no bacon on it and it was $5 (as far as I recall, I should remember better, but I put this place out of my mind practically once I left). That and there were no special drinks, just discounted well drinks. Although we felt jipped because we got charged for juice and were not told we would be beforehand. When I complained they explained and took the cost of juice off our tab, which was nice of them. Just the liquor was $4, but with juice it was $6, no good for a happy hour well drink, although really $6 for a vodka/cranberry? At any time of day? Not so much, or it better be fantastic. To give the place some credit the book lined walls are cool, but that's the only real appeal. Feeling completely unsatisfied we went to Contour and had this crazy Basil Strawberry drink, which was interesting, good, but interesting, and some food. That part was the best part of the night.

M: Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. That’s all there is to say.

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