Saturday, January 16, 2010

O is for Truffled

J: I think I remember this one! Ha ha! I bought M yarn for her birthday and for my very kick ass alligator hat. There were five of us at this place, me and M, and our guests M, J, and V. We went to Oliver's Twist in Greenwood. M got the Miss Nancy and I got the Artful Dodger, who knows what else everyone else got, I know the other J drank, but I don't think other M and V did. For food we go the truffled popcorn for $4, which was amazing, really, go eat it. Now. The raosted fingerling potatoes, duck fat, and aioli for $6, which sounds gross because it mentions duck fat, but which is quite good (because of the duck fat). The tomato cappuchino and grilled cheese sandwich for $7, which I liked because grilled cheese always makes me feel like I'm five. And possible something else with meat like the serrano ham, tomato, garlic, and pan friend bread for $6 (although neither M nor I ate any, if we did get it). Also we had dessert! Dessert that I would actually really like to eat right now, it was a s'more! or as Oliver's Twist likes to call it, a griled chocolate-marhmallow brioche sandwich (for $5). It was good.

As I recall all the food was good, but I think that it was a touch expensive for the amount we got and the number of people we had. Although I am not sure. I just remember leaving the restaurant not feeling completely satisfied. I think it was that no one was quite full perhaps, but I am not sure. Yeah, that was it. No one left full, but we did leave with happy taste buds.

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-7 pm, Sun 5 pm-midnight ($2 off select cocktails, $1 off draft beer and wine, $1 off all food).

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