Wednesday, April 22, 2009

H is for Ballard

M: We actually left downtown!!! D: We will perish. Here be dragons.

Went to a nice little place called Hattie's Hat in Ballard. The atmosphere was cool. Dark, wooden bar, weird glowing pictures of statues, giant framed crab. We went for the cheap well drinks, I got the usual rum and coke, J got vodka and cranberry. For food, we ordered quesadillas (a salmon one and a chicken one), and the sweet potato fries.

The fries were weird! Big flat circular things instead of sticks, too much blue cheese, jalapenos that just kinda sat on top. The quesadillas were good... except that we accidentally switched them and ate half of each other's before realizing it. I'm a fishatarian. Whoops. Oh well, I didn't die. And the salmon quesadilla was really good!

Afterwards, we went and got cupcakes from Brilliant idea from J!

J: Not much more to add, it was a good choice, a little bit of a maze to get to the bar, but you can make it. I liked out bartender, she was funny and talking about having one of her frineds bring her sushi because she needed a change of pace, which is totally legit. It was a good place to chill for a drink and some good food. Quality quesadilla's, although I feel super bad about the mix up with chicken and fish with M, but she didn't die, so it's ok.

Hattie's Hat website:

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